Dog Lovers Worldwide Hit-Back at Grazia Magazine’s ‘Pimping Your Pets’ Suggestion

It’s been a difficult few days for Grazia Magazine. In their latest UK edition, Grazia printed an article which appeared to promote the breeding pets to increase your income. The article writer at hand appeared to suggest that it enabled them to afford ‘better’ furniture than that found in Ikea.

Well, regardless on your thoughts of flat-pack furniture, it’s certainly no reason whatsoever to endanger the likes of potentially thousands of animals.

Fortunately, the internet has a way of delivering karma in record speed, and as such has continued to berate the magazines’ Facebook page ever since the article first surfaced.

Grazia has responded directly to this outcry with the following statement, although we hope they are willing to do a bit more to highlight the current rescue crisis, and the horrendous results of irresponsible breeding:

Last week Grazia published an article looking at how more people are making money through a variety of different income streams. One of the stories included in the piece featured a pedigree cat and dog breeder.

We have taken all the feedback and comments for this article on board and we apologise for causing any offence.

In response to some of the comments we have received, we’d also like to make it clear that Grazia in no way promotes or condones irresponsible breeding or unfair treatment to any animal.

We want to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to write to us.

Here’s just a taster of what the dog-loving population has done in response to such an irresponsible article…

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If you wish to see more, or to let Grazia know your thoughts of the article, you can do so on their Facebook page.

You can read a full review of what occurred here – and here a link to a photograph of the original printed article.