Ultimate Husky Halloween Gifts

It’s nearly that time of year again all husky owners dream about, the leaves turning, the temperatures dropping, and before you know it…Halloween will be just around the corner.

Whilst all the sweets and decorations can pose quite a risk to our furry friends, it doesn’t mean they can’t be involved in the celebrations, either directly, or in spirit.

Here are our picks, all easy to buy from Amazon, for the best Siberian Husky themed Halloween gifts and outfits, for you, and your pup…

The Husky Mask

There’s a few to choose from here, so we’re listing them all as viable options, depending on what you want from a Halloween mask, and where you’ll be wearing it – there should be something here for everyone.

And while this last mask isn’t strictly husky – it’s so terrifying we had to include it. Plenty of scope with this for zombie dogs this Halloween!

But what about your dog(s) Halloween costumes?

Before we get in to costumes for your lovely huskies, it’s important to think about your dogs response to being, let’s say…interfered with? Dog costumes are always hotly debated, as in essence, it’s totally unnecessary regardless of how accommodating their nature.

We aren’t here to judge, but just ask whatever you decide, please ensure you’ve thought it through. And if you do opt for a dog costume, keep a close eye on your dogs at all times, never leave them unattended in an outfit, and at the first sign of distress, just stop.

So, now with that little bit of house keeping, lets proceed. For those that would like their dog to be a part of the party, but don’t believe a full costume is appropriate, then there’s a few nice small accessory options that would be hopefully less stressing for your Sibe.

Now for those of you that absolutely do want a full costume option, these are the best/funniest we could find…


More Info: https://amzn.to/2KIzXdX

8 Legged Husky

More Info: https://amzn.to/2TqwNiU

Na-na-na-na-na Bat Dog!

More Info: https://amzn.to/2yRZhbV

Obviously, we had to save the best till last. Presenting…


This entry is absolutely ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so perfect. So if you’re looking for an R2-D2 Star Wars themed outfit for your pup, look no further. No really don’t know many dogs who would even contemplate entertaining this for more than a few seconds, so optimism be warned!

More Info: https://amzn.to/2YG4qTX