Where can I get a Siberian Husky?

Let’s make this simple to start with, your options for getting a Siberian Husky are; buying or adopting.

Buying a Siberian Husky

You can buy a Siberian Husky from a breeder or as a private re-home.

Buying as a private re-home can involve dogs of any age who require a new loving home – this is often due to the current owner not being able to properly fulfil the needs of their pet. I would not recommend a private re-home of a dog for a first time owner as inexperienced owners may find it difficult to pick-up on the following:

  • There is no guarantee the dog is of pedigree standard
  • The dog may suffer from any number of behavioural issues
  • The health of the dog is uncertain
  • The dog may be stolen

Buying from a breeder can give you more certainty, but only if done properly.

There are a number of very good breeders in the UK, and if buying a Siberian Husky as a puppy is your only option – then we would urge you to seek out a Kennel Club Assured Breeder. Breeders approved by the Kennel Club or other canine authority are required to undergo specific health checks on all breeding dogs, this is to prevent the continuation of inherited health conditions among pedigree dogs. Quality breeders will also require you to take a contract with them, these often include clauses which do not allow you to breed from your pup and most importantly; insist that any dog should be returned to them should you no longer be able to take care of it.

There are a large number of non-assured breeders, known as ‘Backyard Breeders’ or BYBs. These breeders are generally individuals breeding their own pets out of ignorance or are individuals who place their monetary value above that of their dogs welfare – of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but we wouldn’t advise trying to find it.

Adopting a Siberian Husky

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that there’s probably a litter of fresh-faced Siberian Husky(ish) puppies within 20 miles of you right now. In the UK we are currently breeding more husky puppies than there are suitable homes able to take them – this in turn has lead to the current rescue crisis with many dogs with nowhere to go, in fear of being put to sleep or falling in to the hands of neglecting or abusive owners.

As a result, both generic and breed-specific rescues in the UK are filled with dogs just waiting for you to take them home.

The advantages of adopting a rescue dog stretch beyond belief, but here are a few of the real key ones you need to consider:

  • Experienced rescue staff can ensure you receive the most suitable dog
  • The difficult puppy-stage will already be over (or almost)
  • They are cheaper – no, we’re not putting a price on any animal, but re-homing fees are minimal compared to a puppy and they should come with all of their vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. Those last three alone will cost you more than the re-homing fee with a puppy.
  • Support for life; general help, advice and a safety net should it not quite go to plan

Please think carefully about your choices before getting a Siberian Husky, and if at all possible, please adopt.