Why does my Siberian Husky have brown eyes?

Huskies with Brown Eyes: Everything You Need to Know

Siberian Huskies are a stunning breed of dog that captures the hearts of many with their wolfish looks and bright blue eyes. However, did you know that not all huskies have blue eyes? In fact, brown is the most common eye colour for dogs, and Siberian Huskies can have brown eyes too.

This article will explore everything you need to know about huskies with brown eyes and how they differ from their blue-eyed counterparts. We’ll discuss why some huskies have brown eyes, the factors that determine their eye colour, and whether brown-eyed huskies are more prone to health problems. Let’s dive in.

Why Do Some Huskies Have Brown Eyes?

While blue eyes are the most commonly associated eye colour with Siberian Huskies, brown eyes are also prevalent in this breed. In fact, brown eyes are the most common eye colour for dogs. But what causes some huskies to have brown eyes instead of blue?

The answer lies in genetics and melanin levels. Genetics is the most common factor that determines the eye colours of huskies. If a husky has a long history of brown eyes in their bloodline, then the puppy is likely to develop brown eyes. Conversely, if the puppy comes from a line of huskies with blue eyes, they are more likely to inherit blue eyes.

A study published in the journal PLOS Genetics analysed the complete genetic profiles of 6,000 dogs and found that a genetic change or mutation near a gene known as ALX4 is strongly associated with blue eyes in Siberian Huskies. Huskies without this genetic mutation are more likely to develop brown eyes.

Melanin is another factor that determines the eye colour of huskies. The amount of melanin in a husky’s iris impacts the colour of their eyes. Typically, huskies with a higher level of melanin in their iris have brown eyes.

The pigmentation in the iris varies from one dog to another. The higher the concentration of melanin, the darker brown will be the colour of a husky’s eyes and vice versa. A gene known as the “M (merle) locus gene” modifies eumelanin, resulting in pigment loss, which creates eye colours in huskies such as liver (brown), blue (grey), or isabella (pale brown).

Huskies Don’t Actually Have Blue Eyes

Contrary to popular belief, huskies don’t have blue eyes. According to Kristopher Irizarry, a geneticist at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, the ALX4 gene mutation in Siberian Huskies results in decreased pigment production in the eye. The lack of pigment causes the eye to appear blue.

“There’s no blue pigment. It’s about how the light enters and exits the eye, creating the appearance of blue, the same way the sky looks blue, but outer space is not blue,” says Irizarry.

Can a Purebred Husky Have Brown Eyes?

Yes, purebred huskies can have brown eyes. As we discussed earlier, the eye colour of a husky is determined by genetics and melanin levels. Therefore, a purebred husky can have brown eyes if they inherit the genes responsible for this eye colour.

Are Blue-Eyed Huskies More Prone to Health Problems?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that blue-eyed huskies are more prone to health problems than their brown-eyed counterparts. The colour of a husky’s eyes has no impact on their overall health or well-being.


While blue-eyed huskies are commonly associated with the breed, brown-eyed huskies are equally healthy and attractive. The factors that determine a husky’s eye colour include genetics, melanin levels, and specific genetic mutations. If you are looking to get a husky, remember that a husky’s eye colour is just one aspect of its appearance, and its health and temperament are more important.