Will My Siberian Husky Protect Me?

When looking at bringing a dog in to your household, many people consider look at all the positives a dog can bring in to your life. After all of the usual health and fitness benefits, people often consider the added security benefits a dog can bring.

In truth, anyone that knows the breed will tell you that huskies are one of the most people-friendly dogs around – and are very unlikely to provide anything like the level of security from the traditionally security-associated breeds – German Shepherds being the obvious go-to.

Personal Security

In our experience, Siberian Huskies are much likely to react in a defensive manor toward an individual should they consider their human/owner to be at risk. However, we can only say this for some and not all of our dogs. This will vary depending on the dogs level of confidence, and their bond with the individual. As distinctly pack animals, their protective instincts come when they deem their life-balance to be under threat.

Home Security

According to numerous online security surveys, the one thing that the majority of burglars will avoid is the presence of a dog – particularly a noisy one.

Huskies are notoriously disinterested in territory compared to most dogs, particularly with people. So provided a burglar was confident enough – and maybe gain favour in the form of a few meaty treats and a belly rub, unfortunately huskies aren’t likely to do much to save your personal belongings.

As for making a lot of noise – this is another trait that is down to each dog as an individual.

The Counter-Risk

Whilst a dog may be likely to deter people from your home, they could also potentially be the intended target of a theft – so we would never advise leaving your dogs in an easy-to-snatch situation. Most household goods are replaceable, your dogs are not.

To Conclude

If security is a major requirement from your next dog, a Siberian Husky really isn’t for you. Unfortunately they are all too different in this area to give a qualitative answer. The only thing they all really have in common is a big-presence, regardless of their actual size. This alone can count for a lot, but even the biggest and meanest looking have been known to cower behind their owners in difficult circumstances.